Friday, May 1, 2009



Bill Dotson said...


I happened upon your post from a Google Alert I set on the phrase, "Plead the blood". Many of the readers of my blog come there from searches on that topic. I thought you might be interested in what God showed me about pleading the blood from the Old Testament. I wrote about it in January 2006 and you can find it at:, scroll down near the bottom.
Be blessed!


Billy said...

Thanks Billl

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy, good to have stumbled across your blog - please pray for the fire of the Holy Spirit to fall on our congregation at Penzance Salvation Army Corps. I believe God is telling me to pray for revival here.
Next weekend we celebrate our 12somthingth anniversary. (They've lost count, last estimate was 128 yrs since it was founded by William and Catherine Booth, right here in Penzance.) Warmest blessings,E.

Billy said...

will pray for the Ruach of YHWH to fall on Penzance.