Saturday, October 13, 2007


I was contacted by a Christian brother recently after sending him some gospel letters; he was so pleased to receive them. As we began to talk he asked me if I would like to visit an elderly pastor whom he was very concerned about, for this pastor was very ill.

While visiting this man, I told him how Jesus had healed me. I anticipated that the Lord would have me pray for healing for him, but after hearing his testimony of his seventy years of walking with the Lord I realized by the witness of the Holy Ghost that he had never made a prayer of repentance.

I then had the privilege of leading him to the Lord, {how good God is} and suddenly he burst out in song, under the power of the Holy Ghost giving praise to God, realizing the simplicity of the gospel which he had missed for so many years.

How strange that you can have religion, and be so knowledgeable in the word of God and yet not have Christ, I guess it makes me think of Nicodemus a Pharisees and ruler of the Jews; whom Jesus spoke to, telling him that “except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God”, {St John 3 v 3}.

This experience reminded me of another time when I was in Cornwall, where I used to hold open – air services. The Lord led me to have a platform built, and also to have Christian musicians to accompany me. I will never forget a memorable occasion when an elderly Methodist lady responded to the alter call. Diane and I prayed for her, and then she to, after a life time of going to church accepted Christ for the first time. Praise the Lord.

Dear Saints, let us not only preach to those outside of the church, for there are many within the church who need to give their hearts to Jesus as well.

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