Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yes, angels play a great part in helping Christians to live in this world; The Lord showed me in a dream vision on how to command angels to make life easier. I was walking in a beautiful garden with God our heavenly Father, He was very tall, I could not see His face but I knew that it was God.

He said to me, “Angels must be sent out with the voice of authority”. He showed me many butterflies in His beautiful garden, and He said, “Tell them to go”. So I said, “go”, just a few took off.

Then He said, “This is not the way”, and He put one of His hands behind Him, and then brought it forward forcefully with the voice of authority, and said “GO”, and a great multitude which could not be numbered took off, then He raised His other hand and repeated, “GO”, another great multitude took flight.

Still He was not finished, then He raised both hands behind His head, then bringing them forward with such force and with a mighty voice of authority, He said, “GO”, and all you could see was butterflies filling the air.

He then turned to me and said, “This is how you must send my angels out before you with the voice of authority”. Many times I have sent these angelic beings out with the voice of authority, commanding them to go in the mighty name of Jesus, and they have never failed to obey, no matter how big or small the task might be, let us always remember that we have a great heavenly host ready to go into action in and through the mighty name of Jesus.

So you see angels are to minister, yes serve us, for we are the heirs of salvation, the chosen ones, and we are to send them forth as the Bible says in {Hebrews 1 v 14}.

The Watchers

In the Bible we come across many names of angels, but, I guess not many of you have heard of angels called watchers. They have a very specific job in God’s kingdom, and that is to proclaim the official orders of the Most High God to man. They are accompanied by other angels called holy ones, who state firmly that man may know that God rules in heaven and on earth, and that God appoints leaders on earth.

For wisdom and might are the Lord’s and He changes times and seasons, He removes kings and raises up kings, He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge of His ways, for the Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to who ever He wants to. You can read about these angelic beings who are the servants of the Lord Most High in the book of Daniel 4 v 13-17.

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