Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Little did he know what influence this place would have on him.

Gwennap Pit is a large circular depression, probably a partial collapse of an underground mine, about two and a half miles from Redruth. John Wesley a Methodist minister preached to the poor and uneducated miners and fishermen and their families in Cornwall here many times .

The congregation sat or stood on the inclined sides of this pit which was described by Wesley in his journal as being about fifty feet deep and two hundred by three hundred feet across the top.

In his 1781 visit to Gwennap Pit, John Wesley estimated that he had preached to "20,000 people and, the evening being calm, they all could hear," he said.

This is where my mother gave her heart to Jesus when she was a little girl. Her auntie was the caretaker, at that time.

Many times when my mother was a little girl she would run from the top to the bottom and back again, she said I would pretend to preach the Gospel to the people there. It was my Godly mother who planted seeds of faith in me. When I was a boy she would take me to the Whit Monday services which are still held every year at this pit by the Methodist church.

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